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The Trouble Way


Literary Fiction

Jake Forest is a man who thought he'd experienced all of those rites of passage moments -- some incredibly good, others not -- now that he had nearly used up all of his numbers.

He experienced the usual rites: graduation from grade school, high school, eloping to Idaho, military service, college, and work at Big Richards.

During his years at Big Richards, he'd seen others struggling to exist in a society that held people in place by greed and lust for power. He watched the little people fight for what was their due.

There were loves and loves lost and, of course, the lusts. He searched his entire life and discovers the romance and happiness he's been looking for with two unlikely people.

"First you are one, then two, then three, and when you use up all the numbers, you die." Bella said when she was three. She said they couldn't be "best friends," because he was too old. But, he could be "the best grandfather in the whole wide world.

He'd come to the conclusion with the accident with Bella in the Raccoon River it would be the last of those damnable rites.

Was he right?

Book Reviews for "The Trouble Way":
Rea: I finally worked my way to The Trouble Way on my “books to read” shelf, and enjoyed it very much.  You have a very good ear for language, especially colloquialisms.  The book reminded me of Faulkner’s work in that it reads like a collection of novellas or short stories that follow the same characters at different points in their lives, shifting back and forth between past and present.   It was a youthful memoir, the seamy account of the discount business, and then a profile of the lead character as a grown-up with a wife and child (albeit not his own). Keep it up!

Debi: Holy Moley! What a read that was!!! You had me angered, laughing, bawling, rolling my eyes all in one sitting. Finished the book within 1 day. You are making a name for yourself as an author... I enjoy your material.


A Bed of Needles

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A Bed of Needles

A Bed of Needles
Authored by James Seloover

In A Bed of Needles, Jake Forest's effort to entice his high school heartthrob to date him by making her jealous backfires and he finds himself in a relationship with racy, seductive, and eventually, pregnant Janis.

After graduation, they decide they must get married. Jake settles for a part-time job at a metropolitan hospital. With scant income, no savings, and dismal prospects, he joins the Air Force to boost his chances for a brighter future. Their journey takes them from a small rural community in northwest Oregon to a whitewashed church in Idaho, to the big city, on a cross-country trek into the Deep South, and finally back to the Oregon coast.

Their fragile bond endures ten months of incredible sex, mental and physical violence, her heartbreaking miscarriage, and her attempts at suicide. Jake and Janis have a sometimes loving, always complex relationship. Their marriage endures the pressures of military life in an often violent existence until she inflicts a wound on Jake that convinces him to change course.

A Bed of Needles is a sexy, humorous, adult fiction set in the turbulent 60s


Book Reviews for "A Bed of Needles":


Susan Keefe (France) 5.0 out of 5 stars A good read. May 17, 2013

This review is from: A Bed of Needles (Kindle Edition)

Some say women can be manipulative, but at what age does it start? Set in the sixties, life is not straightforward for Jake, despite being in love with someone else he marries Janis.

We follow the young couples life together, when Jake joins the Army they move across America and Janis becomes even more controlling. What will the future hold for this turbulent marriage bound together only by their amazing sex, you'll have to read the book to find out!

A humorous coming of age story, honest, plain talking, and perhaps 18 plus.

Definitely a read if you're interested in something a bit different.

Ken: Finished your book the other day and already passed it on to a co-worker. I very much enjoyed the read. You were right when you said it was an intense adventure. Let me know when your next one comes out.

Mary: This is a well written, entertaining book. The character, Janis, keeps you on the edge of your seat. I couldn't believe some of the stuff she did. She's absolutely crazy! It's funny, frightening and sad all at the same time. If you grew up in the Viet Nam era, you'll definitely enjoy this book. And, if you didn't, then you definitely have to read it just to see what it was like. A really great read.


Denise: It is a story I would want to read more than once. I found myself thinking of it a lot and wanting to get back to it to find out what happened. I really liked the ending. And, it is not even a story I would choose to read, so I am glad I bought it.

Paula: "A Bed of Needles" kept me turning the pages to see what Jake, the main character, would do next. Jake has a strong sense of duty and doing the right thing, but is constantly making unhealthy decisions based on his idea of what is right. His relationship with Janis is violent and exciting. She knows that she can control Jake with sex and does exactly that. Jake is completely human. He blunders along with witty and humorous thoughts. About the time I think that Jake is just an idiot, he makes me laugh. Janis has a strange hold over him. Even though I want to hate her, I find myself sympathizing with her. Her background makes me want to understand her and have compassion for her. In the end, Jake comes to terms with his life and makes a brave choice. It is the only choice left for him, but it is still a difficult one to make.
I found this book unique and entertaining. A page-turner. I would recommend this to anyone that isn't perfect. It is refreshing to have a "hero" that is real.

Sahara "Sarah" Roussard: I found the author's writing style interesting. When Janis was taken to the hospital by Sargent Who instead of her husband, I was really ticked off at the husband and his blatent attitude towards her, especially since she was his wife. Realizing the emotions I felt from the story itself, I thought, Well... the author certainly did a good job at writing that scene. My compliments. I look forward to reading more from this author.

Denise Lybarger Hoffman posted to my Facebook page: I have the privilege of being able to read James’ novels while he is in the processes of writing them. You guys are in for a great treat!

*There is sex and adult language. It is not a book for minors. It does have its humorous parts.

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Adults only
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